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Fair Housing News – February 2021

On January 26, President Biden issued a memo to the Secretary of HUD instructing the agency to take actions to remedy the nation’s long history of discriminatory housing practices and policies. In particular, the memo requires that HUD examine the impact of recent regulatory actions regarding affirmatively furthering fair housing and disparate impact and take any necessary steps to make sure that HUD administer its programs in a manner that affirmatively furthers fair housing and ensures fair housing compliance, including preventing practices with an unjustified discriminatory effect.

Fair Housing News – January 2021

HECP has entered into an agreement resolving a federal housing discrimination complaint against the owner and manager of Presidential City Apartments in Philadelphia for violating the disability portion of the federal Fair Housing Act.

Fair Housing News – October 2020

In September HUD published a new rule which makes it more difficult prove discrimination under the Fair Housing Act based on disparate impact, or policies by housing providers, municipalities, insurers, or financial institutions that have a discriminatory effect on members of protected classes.

Fair Housing News – September 2020

In August HUD replaced the 2015 Affirmatively Further Fair Housing Rule with the Preserving Community and Neighborhood Choice Rule. It is important to note that, although this new rule removes the fair housing assessment and reporting requirements of the previous rule, it does not remove the Fair Housing Act obligation to affirmatively further fair housing.

Fair Housing News – July 2020

DOJ recently approved a consent order resolving allegations that Traditions of Hanover, a senior housing apartment complex in Bethlehem, PA, violated the Fair Housing Act by discriminating against residents and prospective residents with disabilities.

Fair Housing News – June 2020

The events of the past weeks have been a time of rage, grief, frustration, reckoning, and hope. HECP joins the nation in mourning and outrage over the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and David McAtee.

Fair Housing News – May 2020

HECP and two Bucks County residents entered into a conciliation agreement resolving federal housing discrimination complaints against Brittany Springs Apartments and HUB Realty for violating the disability portion of the federal Fair Housing Act.

Fair Housing News – April 2020

People who currently have COVID-19, those who have a history of having the virus, and those who are perceived as having the virus may be protected against housing discrimination under long-standing interpretations of the Fair Housing Act and other civil rights laws.

Fair Housing News – March 2020

Many Pennsylvania courts are closed due to the current coronavirus emergency and landlord tenant complaints, including evictions, cannot be processed at this time. As a result, landlords may attempt to remove tenants illegally. Self-help evictions (changing locks, removing windows or doors, or turning off utilities) are illegal.

Fair Housing News – February 2020

A frequent question that HECP receives from both consumers and landlords is whether a certificate from an online service claiming to certify a pet as an emotional support is a sufficient verification when requesting a reasonable accommodation.