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Discrimination Against Families with Children

Unless a building or community qualifies as housing for older persons, it may not discriminate based on familial status. This means that no landlord, property manager, real estate agent or any other housing provider can deny housing to a family with children simply because of the presence of children. Familial status protects:

  • Children under the age of 18 living in the household
  • Pregnant women
  • Any adult who is seeking legal custody of a child under 18

Examples of possible discrimination against families with children include:

  • Denying housing to a family because they have children
  • Segregating housing (having adult and family sections or buildings)
  • Additional fees or charges for families with children
  • Overly restrictive occupancy policies (e.g. a maximum of two people in a four bedroom home)
  • Not allowing children to use the swimming pool or play outside
  • Creating gender-specific rules that do not allow parents and children, or male and female children, to share a bedroom

If you live in Philadelphia, Southeast Pennsylvania or the Lehigh Valley and have questions about familial status discrimination in housing, contact, 866-540-FAIR or contact us.


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