Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is coverage that protects you against losses from damage to the physical structure of your home and its contents. Discrimination in homeowners insurance occurs when an insurance company or agent unlawfully treats current or prospective homeowners differently because of their race, color, national origin, religion, sex or disability, or because they have children in their family. Homeowners insurance discrimination may include:

  • Charging higher rates
  • Offering policies with inferior coverage
  • Not returning calls for information
  • Denying coverage altogether

Homeowners insurance “redlining” is a form of discrimination in which an insurance company or agent treats homeowners differently because of the race or national origin of residents in the neighborhood where their home is located. Insurance redlining may include:

  • Imposing different terms and conditions for insuring homes in minority neighborhoods
  • Refusing to write policies for homes in minority neighborhoods
  • Offering inferior policies in minority neighborhoods
  • Discouraging applicants from minority neighborhoods

If you live in Philadelphia, Southeast Pennsylvania or Lehigh Valley and have questions about fair housing and homeowners insurance, contact info@equalhousing.org, 866-540-FAIR or complete an online form.


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