Fair Housing News – May 2022

The Philadelphia Police and Fire Federal Credit Union (PFFCU) has agreed to resolve a HUD complaint alleging that they violated the Fair Housing Act by discriminating against loan applicants who were on maternity leave. The complainants, a married couple, contacted HECP in February of 2021 when they were denied a home renovation loan because the wife was on maternity leave following the birth of their second child. The PFFCU refused to process the loan application despite the complainant receiving full pay during her leave and having a scheduled date to return to work. HECP investigated the complaint and assisted the

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Fair Housing News – March 2022

Join the Housing Equality Center on Friday, April 22 from 10:00am-noon in a special fair housing month event centering on a solutions focused conversation addressing the barriers and challenges to attaining equitable and fair housing in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Hear from panelists with a variety of perspectives on diversity, equity, and equal opportunity in housing.

Fair Housing News – February 2022

Bucks County property owner and manager, Mohamed Bacchus and Alan Zander, have agreed to resolve a federal lawsuit alleging that they violated the Fair Housing Act by discriminating against a tenant based on familial status and disability. The tenant contacted HECP in April of 2019 when the respondents refused to let his girlfriend move in with him because she was pregnant with his son and because he was in recovery from an addiction to alcohol. HECP assisted the complainant in obtaining legal counsel to represent him in pursuing a HUD complaint. After HUD investigated the complaint, it issued a charge

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Fair Housing Profiles: Dorothy Mae Richardson

As we celebrate Black History Month by honoring the stories of our communities, the Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania recognizes the tireless work of housing advocates and everyday people who dared to imagine and curate communities of inclusivity. Dorothy Mae Richardson is one of the many activists we honor during the month of February. During a time when urban renewal and racist lending practices excluded Black residents from economic advancement, Richardson was able to leverage the assets of her community to provide housing opportunities to many Black residents. Her contributions to the housing justice movement have had a lasting impact

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Fair Housing News – January 2022

Since 2019, there has been a tenfold increase in complaints of discriminatory home appraisals reported to HUD’s Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. Recent news stories, research, and investigations have all documented instances of homes in majority Black neighborhoods or owned by Black families being undervalued compared to similar white-owned homes. Like fair housing organizations throughout the country, HECP has received recent allegations of appraisal bias in our region. If you or someone you know believes they may have experienced appraisal discrimination in the purchase or refinance of a home, contact HECP at 267-419-8918 or by using our “Report

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Fair Housing News – November 2021

HECP is excited to share our new comprehensive fair housing manual for landlords and property managers. This resource includes detailed information on compliance with the Fair Housing Act and Pennsylvania Human Relations Act as well as Pennsylvania Landlord Tenant Law as it pertains to the rental of private residential property.

Fair Housing News – September 2021

HECP now has two new educational publications for consumers available. The first, “Think You’ve Experienced Housing Discrimination?” is a fact sheet for consumers who have experienced housing discrimination, explaining the next steps that should be taken to protect their fair housing rights. This publication provides information about the formal complaint process and outlines the proper retention of evidence in order to successfully document an allegation of discrimination.

Fair Housing News – August 2021

HECP is excited to introduce our new Outreach Coordinator, Patricia Bell. Prior to joining HECP Patricia worked as a Program Manager for a fair housing organization in Nashville, Tennessee. During her time in Nashville, she also worked as part of a team to develop, “Understanding Nashville’s Housing Crisis Part 3: Residential Segregation”, an advocacy tool to support Nashville residents. She has spent time in Richmond, Virginia and Washington, DC working collaboratively with community partners, connecting people to supportive services, and advocating in partnership with clients as a Community Specialist. She received her B.A. in Psychology and Social Relations from Cheyney University

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Updated Information on COVID-19 and Eviction Protections for Renters and Homeowners

UPDATE: The Center for Disease Control has issued a new order temporarily halting evictions in counties with heightened levels of community transmission in order to respond to recent developments in the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new moratorium is in effect through October 3, 2021 and covers counties experiencing substantial or high transmission rates, as shown on the CDC map. In order to qualify for protection from eviction under this order, the tenant will need to sign a declaration form as under the previous moratorium. UPDATE: The Center for Disease Control has issued a federal eviction moratorium that has

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Fair Housing News – July 2021

HECP is excited to announce the launch of our new Know Your Rights as a Renter in Pennsylvania website. This interactive online version of our comprehensive manual features searchable information on renters’ rights, resources for tenant self-advocacy, and downloadable customizable sample letters.

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