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Who We Help

The Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania has worked since 1956 to educate both consumers and providers about equal housing best practices, as well as advocate for equal access to housing opportunities in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

We provide services to a variety of audiences to increase understanding of rights and responsibilities under fair housing laws, support victims of discrimination, and improve fair housing compliance.

Housing Consumers

The Housing Equality Center assists people who have experienced discrimination in rental housing, real estate sales, housing programs or shelters, and housing-related financial transactions such as mortgage lending or homeowners insurance. In some cases the Housing Equality Center can conduct an investigation to determine whether discriminatory practices are occurring and, when warranted, can advise victims of discrimination about available legal remedies.

People with Disabilities

Over half of all incidents of housing discrimination occur on the basis of disability. We assist individuals with disabilities to negotiate reasonable accommodations or modifications when necessary to provide equal opportunity to use and enjoy their dwelling.


Housing Professionals

We provide training, educational resources, and technical assistance to housing professionals that are obligated to comply with fair housing laws, including landlords, apartments managers, nonprofit housing programs, real estate agents, homebuilders, lenders, insurers, and municipal governments. Housing professionals can contact us for free, confidential information about fair housing compliance responsibilities or to request fair housing training.         

When to Make Referrals to the Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania

DO have clients contact us if they believe they have experienced housing discrimination in any housing-related transaction on the basis of: Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Disability, Sex, Familial Status

DO have clients contact us if they are a person with a disability and they need a reasonable accommodation or modification to have equal opportunity to use and enjoy their dwelling

DO NOT encourage people to contact us with housing concerns unrelated to discrimination, such as difficulty paying rent or questions about a lease. Instead, refer them to self-help resources for assistance with landlord-tenant issues.

For legal assistance, refer people to Pennsylvania Legal Aid:

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